Thursday, February 18, 2010

too much on my mind

This week has been one long Psyduck's migraine, so it'll be good to have it over with. Here you are. I think these are all a little too similar and maybe too stupidly angry or argumentative but I am in no state to make anything better at the given time.

"Show me a time machine and then maybe I'll start to accept your doctrine"
Like the cat
in Schrodinger's box
I would postulate
that the past
cannot be viewed either
through reason
or belief.

because of this
we should cut down on judgements
because they are simply
naive realism.

If we could visit there
then I would admit
that I can't simply
spin all sorts of thoughts in my brain
and think about seven days at one moment
and at another
the big bang.

But we can't and
like zombies
I really don't see this one ever becoming real.

You are so obsessed
with coming up with some truth
that you sort of miss the point
which is that when we look for something too much
we distort the image.

And if
by definition
the man
who calls himself
can do nothing but concentrate
in rational theory
then there will never be
any answers postulated to the question
that we can actually respect.

Maybe it's off base to say this,
but isn't a part of the human condition,
contemplating the rhetoric
"What is our purpose?"

Science is never going to answer that question in a just fashion.

"Terrible Writing"
Though he's known
for the stupid kind of joke
made by taking people
too seriously

the man
truly does not want to be read
as giving you treatise or doctrine,
he's writing

too keep his hands fresh
his mind as sharp as it can be
which is clearly quite dull
and also

he must admit
to say something
about the way we live our lives.
He told me that he wants to say something to all y'all.

"I just wanted to get across the idea
that even if the world
we live in
is a great place

the way we think
is a little too constrictive
and worlds that are less free

but that understood
the happiness of simple goods
were at least of comparable status to you and I."

"It is much too late and I barely even make sense when I am well slept and not all sort of bummed out at life and scared about my future."
And maybe I'm biased
by the one word title
I would give myself
if you asked me for my
dream occupation.

But I see a creator as some sort of writer or at least an artist and the whole point of life is that there are things we cannot explain to each other and if you start stepping on everyone's toes and telling them what they should believe, you are not going to make friends and Aristotle put friendship even above justice, now, didn't he?

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