Friday, February 5, 2010

Everyone's an ocean drowning.


I offer you this rubbish of an attempt here. One thing about writing is that you can tell when it's off. I figure that best case scenario I just have one more of these days late in the month and then take off the 28th and still have 100 poems. Well. We'll see.

Still thinking about the poems for today. Blog is set in Pacific time, I think, so I have 90 minutes, but we'll see. Might put in some off days for the month, since four poems times 28 equals 112 and that's more than the goal. Don't like the idea about doing something like that right now though. Too early. So, what have you, I'll try to spin something together. Shit. I guess I'll just do book reviews. Apologies to people looking for quality, I'm doing this the Golden Corral way, quantity being me important. :~)

Second time through
and you get every joke
because this is a novel about
people who don't really want to admit
that they're twenty yet
but are dangerously close
to not being able to hide
that fact anymore.

You are less than zero
when you haven't really
realized that this
isn't high school anymore.

But this other book
is about when your fear stemming
from that realization
has become a cynicism that will haunt you to the grave.

Currently rereading THE RULES OF ATTRACTION if that wasn't obvious enough to you from the poem.

I just don't what to think of you,
it sort of kills me
how everyone thinks
that each new book
is you again, speaking to us for a bit more.

And it's not fair
to judge on the fact
that book reviewers are a very lazy people,
but you do have big britches
which I'm sure you would find beneficial
for the next time you take a girl to the backseat of your car.

Your writer
just died a while back,
but his story is quite the odd one,
because it seems that once he wrote you,
he left this world
and you became the real one.

Reading THE CATCHER IN THE RYE. Just musing on the first third to half of the book so far. Holden is everywhere these days, so it's probably a good idea that I'm finally reading it. I mean from MDC to Jake Gyllenhaal movies, this kid does it all!

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