Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sawn it yet, Harry? I need that wood soon.

Not really feeling particularly good about my line breaks lately. They're getting too Bukowski, short little snippets, a simple sentence spread across pages, so I'm writing sonnets today. At least that's the plan. Mainly sticking to 14 lines with 10ish syllables a line. I might do some rhyming, you never know. This way, however, those breaks are regulated, and hopefully free verse will feel meaningful again in a few days, if you know what I mean.

"'If you aren't willing to take my doctrine straight,' said the man, 'then I'll give it to you in the form of a sonnet.' And he handed me this paper with all this written on it and under that in cursive script, 'Please pass this on to everyone you know.' So I did. Sort of."
Unitarians would disagree with
this but I think it's interesting how
when we examine certain kinds of myth
as a whole we slowly find patterns now
of such things as the number three as in
Plato's republic, Christianity--
now when I go sifting throughout this bin
I find comparisons fittingly:
God of reason tops trinity divine
like the guardians sourced to Socrates,
and Jesus is known for temperance fine
just as the masses must follow for these
perfect societies to function well,
last spirited and holy ghost, how swell!

I feel them around me floating
in the air like angels of a lesser
kind and I am inspired to pick up
my pen and attempt to capture one at
least and show you its lifeblood in ink spill-
ing as it will off the page and into
our world but in my writing I sully
it somewhat not unlike a Marxist whose
mud pies are unecessary labor
which are thus worthless and I am even
worse considering the fact that what I
have done is a defiling of a true
beauty in the natural sense of the
word--that is to say in sublimation.

Have you ever considered what holds the
moon in the sky or what pulls on the sea?
Like when it comes down to it have you
really ever given that a thought? New
ideas are hard to come by even
today, so please consider way back when
in the times of geocentric views
of the universe that inspired blues.

Issac Newton realized something one
day and you never really think it's done
for terribly important reasons but
without this science would stay in a hut
afraid to show its face in front of
Aristotle's thought known for its shove.

"Girls on film"
She's leaning on him which might just mean that
he could have his way with her right this sec
but the funny thing is he wants to chat
even if he knows she's delightful to neck
and it's sort of scary to think that they
met on reality television
because sometimes he knows not what to say
and his knowledge of her is a smidgeon
vague like a birthmark because he met her
when she was totally acting like she
wasn't acting which caused it all to blur
what's real and what's difficult to promptly
understand is that she could really like him
or she could quickly change when the lights dim.

They ended up kind of shite, I know. I still sort of like them though.

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