Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Waiting for Gadot," scene 1

The previous post is an introduction to this play. Feel free to give it a look-see if you haven't yet.

A note on the characters: Loyal readers will be familiar with Carl from "Found" earlier in this blog. Carl is the main character of "Smitten," a novella I wrote in college which was continued in "Found," of which I've written a small part and posted on this blog. The Anthropologist is a character from a poetry sequence at the end of my self-published book you are a little bit cooler than i am (a play on Tao Lin's you are a little bit happier than i am) which I might post on the blog in the near future (or edit this part out of my post if I decide I won't). If you read through all that nonsense, I'm sure the play will be at least a bit more interesting!


Hello! Long time, no see (he says to no one but the blog). Life has happened over the last few years, but I have wanted to do a bit of writing for some time now, and a few circumstances, like planets, aligned to form the perfect motivation.