Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A somewhat random assortment.

I like to hide
behind book covers
and closed doors
because I'm such
a horrible conversationalist.

It's not that
I don't like
thinking on my feet
because none of this requires an awful amount
of deliberaton.

But for some reason
the written language
is important
perhaps because of nothing more than the fact that
I can't always pronounce some of the words I write.

If you could just supply me,
dear sir,
with the largest mirror ever conceived
and a self-sufficient spaceship,
as well as maybe twenty-seven people
I could set you up
to view Earth at the beginning--
we'll get back to you in six billion years.

I want to watch a M*A*S*H marathon with you
my arm sometimes around your back
us occasionally holding hands

maybe we'd be passing a smoke back and forth
or a bottle
and would inevitably fall asleep
on the couch around 3pm.

Suppose you were to wake up
ans say,
get around now,
we didn't sleep at all last night,
so we might as well go to bed early."

I'd like that.

"I think therefore I think I am"
I know this much is true:
(the rest of this page
is intentionally left blank)

Just as
you get trees
rather than a forest
when you sharpen your eyes

or when
taken to the extreme
causes schizophrenia,

--I'm not being a radical--
I support surety
as an Aristotelian mean.

It is pointless
to continuously
stick on the lack of any truth
when we debate,

but it is much easier
to fall into the trap
of thinking that we can learn
oh! basically anything

past a reasonable doubt
and to a specific

"all the unborn chicken voices in my head"
they keep me up at nights
rattling through the walls
the radio stations i pick up on my fillings

there's always something
that sounds like a murder
on the hour

a woman's voice,
"yes, please, yes"

and it disturbs me
because i've been brought up not to eavesdrop
and also

because i've been listening to this channel for much too long
and i'm bound to be disturbed
by how this story turns out

Auto Text
"I'm in class."
"Should I call you later?"
"Where are you?"
"Leave me alone."
"Luv ya!"
"We broke up two weeks ago,
gosh darn it,
never start a conversation with me again."

So you put the hours in
and what do you have to show for it?
A meager burst
in temporary self-confidence
that doesn't even expand
outside of the academic sector.

Or maybe I'm just misinterpreting it,
because I'm not done yet,
I have 30 more pages to read before bed.

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