Sunday, February 7, 2010


Still stuck in a rut. My apologies.

The apathy seeps into ordinary activities
like a disease
and he wakes up wondering
why he doesn't just go back to sleep.

Video games and homework assignments
occupy half a dozen hours
and the only real thought in his head
is just the repeated question of

Saturday night means
you are getting drunk at a party
and looking for someone to go to bed with
and he's at home with the lights off listening to "Prove Yourself" for the sixth time.

I often wonder
time and time again
if I could keep my mind
and go back to the
city of pigs,
would I?

I'm not an independent person
in any fashion
but I also dislike
the ways societies seem to work
and Rousseau's joke
has some appeal.

We place too much importance
on progress
and not enough
on life or happiness
and I think in a very real way
that it's slowly killing the real us.

My computer
is an extension to my brain
just as this keyboard
is a very important part of my body.

It's funny to think
that in the past
all dependable memory
was internal

and books
were few and far between,
something for the few
the rich.

Sometimes I forget
in my pipe dreams
how little I would know
in that world.

My name,
a few short statements about my life,
and maybe some small fragments of something I'd call a childhood,
or pi to seven digits.

"Water Colors"
You really disappointed me,
nineteenth century,
in how you took
something as innocent
as a child's fingerpaintings
and called it science
so that the white male
could be happy
in his disgusting

You knew
where the earth was
but you couldn't even grasp the fact
that we are all the same.

This is why
scare me.
They are so often
full of shite
and too much of the time
their surety
causes them to be believed.
We must base our beliefs
on the only thing that we know
that we know nothing

because historically speaking,
the people who thought themselves
the most scientifically savvy
are the ones that make me want to vomit the most.

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