Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey Eddie, can you pass that nepenthe, man?

Eh. Could take or leave these. Not much sleep last night and if this is how it's going to affect me, then be aware, because I'm not going to get a great amount tonight either, so we may be stuck in this drudgy, gray area.

I'd go along
on the hunting trip
to topple god
and would even engage
in firing
a few rounds
into the back of the metaphor.

But first,
please give me
some sort of truth
being perfectly rational,
all you can do
is create theories.

I only suggest
that before we go
taking people's opium
away from them
we get something new
to give them.
Because the
scientific revolution

and took a step back
like the French
looking to Napoleon.
If you want to know
why I don't want to
take what you tell me
as hard fact

then I will present
exhibit A,
the nineteenth century.
And I don't follow
the words of any priest
or pope,
but rather
like Lennon

like Socrates,
I go by what
speaks to me from the inside.
And so what if I wear different hats
when I am discussing "truth"
facetiously amongst friends
or when
I'm on my deathbed.

And so he said
"the only thing
we need to make straight
in this relationship
is that there is no such thing
as complete understanding
and communication is first above all else.

on this spaceship
connecting with you
only by means of mental link
we don't even have
time in common."

"Why I Hate Debates"
I can only write
about what I think
and can only tell you
how I feel.

Full explanations
are meaningless endeavors,
in my not so humble opinion.
They are,
like translations,
attempts at the impossible
that simply limit
what is really there.

And while
I can pride scientific thought
I have to also wave my hand
and say,
this shouldn't be teleogical,
but we can still stop sometimes

and be struck by the beauty of it.

or not,
a part of me,
the less selfish,
the less disgusting,
perhaps the only good part in me,
similar in proportion
to MDC's non Holden Caulfield self,
would be very much happy
in that city of pigs.

This world
is simply
appearance driven
and obsessed with the idea
that knowledge
is the be all
end all.

It makes my head spin too much
to continuously
play the
stupid old devil's advocate
and caution--
there are absolutely no facts out there.

I'd much rather
not have to think
so much
and not have to stand the criticism.

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