Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hello! Long time, no see (he says to no one but the blog). Life has happened over the last few years, but I have wanted to do a bit of writing for some time now, and a few circumstances, like planets, aligned to form the perfect motivation.

Recently, a friend of mine remarked how he wished someone would make anti-Jack Kirby comics. Not as a diss of Kirby, but as a dream of diversity (this reminds me, I want to reread The Dream of a Common Language soon). Now neither my friend or I actually read enough comics to talk about a lack of diversity with any real authority, but that doesn't prevent us from having the conversations we have. What would be anti-Kirby comix? Your guess is as good as mine, but my friend, he linked the idea to Samuel Beckett, and the connection stuck with me. (Another aside, I'm interested in looking into Samuel R. Delany's occasional forays into comics writing... While I'm saying that, my Anne Carson obsession branches out a bit to Bianca Stone's wonderfully evocative website Poetry Comics, an idea I've considered before, but I'm rambling.) Samuel Beckett as comics... *does a quick search of the internet for Beckett comics* Here's a cute adaptation of a Beckett quote, but is probably not what my friend was imagining. Neither is what I will be addressing soon, but like I said, circumstances aligning...

Samuel Beckett is most known for Waiting for Godot, a play I presume a lot of people have heard of without seeing it. Is it common knowledge to say the play is about two men waiting for Godot who never shows up? I fear I'm sounding pretentious. I'm pretty much one of these a lot of people, other than taking one Beckett class in school and reading and watching a performance of the play (I don't remember it all that well--I think there is a prominent scene or conversation about shoes). My friend brought Beckett up in connection with comics in the last few weeks which put this on my mind when I thought of... A pun!

Some of you may know that Wonder Woman, the first feature film of our recent superhero renaissance in Hollywood to have a woman as the sole main character, comes out this week. Wonder Woman is being played by the actress Gal Gadot, which is spelled similarly to Godot. (It's pronounced quite differently, I think, with a hard T, but that adds an element of humor to the pun, or at least I hope it does.) Suddenly I wanted to write a comics-related play called Waiting for Gadot. When I came to this idea, I realized it would also address an interest in gender and feminism that I have wanted to present in my writing for some time now.

I'm sure I've bored you enough now. So, let's wrap this up. The next post will be scene one of Waiting for Gadot. It's set a few days ago--it's outdated on purpose--and I plan to follow up with a reflection on the scene. I am currently editing an interlude which I hope to post alongside scene two tomorrow before I see the film. We'll see how the writing goes (if it does). Best wishes to you, dear reader.

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