Saturday, June 4, 2011

texts near and around the timing of the ghost town of Midnight

under the influence of the dark side of the moon
What's your opinion of Trotsky? There's a pun here I can't quite achieve. In investigating the walls of the Pepto-Bismol container, the bright young gentleman from Boston on which she had just too much of a crush to tell her husband remarked, "Too much pink." I held my tongue but it was difficult, the slithering object fighting and fighting to find its way out of my fingers. "Not enough Floyd," lay the reference like some sleeping cthulu cemented deeply into my mind as another memory I would inevitably tell to his third wife back when I was into the luring-women-out-of-marriage game that your father first started back in Jersey some thirty odd years gone by.

12:00AM (later)

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