Saturday, February 19, 2011

Because consumption is not enough.

dialogue [Anne Carson writes them better; my apologies]

The King of Limbs: You know, in Andrew Hurley's notes on The Maker, a later work of Jorge Luis Borges, he claims that a lot of the pieces intended to create conversations between writings from the great Argentine writer's earlier days. Do you postulate that perhaps we are a similar discourse?

The Dead Lecturer: I don't postulate anything. I'm dead.

TKoL: What would you...consider us to be, then?

TDL: Well, I'm nothing. I'm dead.

TKoL: But there's a whole book about you...

TDL: "I am the doorway."

TKoL: Funny. But really. I mean...we're condemned to sit in this grey matter here like two prisoners of war, so I thought we might try to converse.

TDL: Already said all I wanted to say and then passed it on.

TKoL: But I thought you were dead.

TDL: If you had asked me about death, maybe I would have told you.

TKoL: Well, if you're going to be that way! I guess we'll just have to wait here in silence until the next wave of form and notion comes in to wash us out on the page.

TDL: There is no page.

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