Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sentences in Sociology



She fell in love with a masked man not knowing him for a city; Legion, of course, was the name.


We fear the Borg because we all want to be the Borg, not be inside the Borg, as, for example, you might fear the most popular girl in the high school, not be among the Borg, as, for example, you might fear the most popular guy in the neighborhood who, as your friend, would make you look quite scrumptious to the most popular girl in the high school, but to be that controlling mind, the person running it all, and resistance at that point would be more than just futile, it'd be counterproductive, since we, each and every one of us, have such great plans for the world.

NOTE: Currently reading "Short Talks" in Plainwater which is sort of like this. I wrote these a few days ago now and just started reading this section today so the apparent similarity in purpose was a bit striking. There may be a few more of these--anything that comes to me expressed without line breaks and about a collective in some sort could end up here, as long as it doesn't just end up purely ridiculous if I put it in one sentence. Then again, the second one I've already got here is somewhat ridiculous itself, but that's the joke.

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