Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting back to it...

The whole idea of this "blogaday" run was to check writing stamina. In a race of any sort, you can always fall behind in the pack and jump back up later on. It was something you could do during National Novel Writing Month--go on tears of six to eight thousand words a day. What I'm going to add here is a "running deficit," a sort of footer to a late post, with a time and date stamp and the length of the deficit. Goal would be to be at zero by 2:59AM EST September 1st. Then maybe another run of blog goals along the line of the Green Day song.

So, today's Wednesday, August 12th, it's 5:01PM EST, and I'm behind since Sunday, not including Friday's half post. Deficit=3.5 at least for another seven hours.

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